Monday, December 12, 2011

Meal Of The Month REcap

Once again, this month, we at Holy Cross held our free meal for the blindness community a couple weeks earlier than usual. What a turn-out we had, two new people from south of the river and two regulars who decided to come with us rather than paying for a higher price to attend a Progressive Council dinner. It took me till halfway through the meal before I started calling John Bliss John. I'd been mistaking his name as Dopn. Why? I don't know. His wife-to-be, vivian, was there also. WE wish Pattie well as she moves to Visalia, CA on Wednesday to get married. We also pray for for one of our new drivers to get over the flu and for several of our regulars who were also fighting colds. Once again, Shara and Mandy and Gloria hit the ball out of the park with their coooking. We had meatloaf, rice, potatoes, and beans. Pastor Stirdivant spoke on the Christiams story from LUke and played Dr. Nagel's retelling it from the KJV and from the Ausi version of the Bible. We concluded with singing a lot of requested carols and by passing out gift bags to everyone. OUr next meal will be on January 28, 2012.

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