Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for a host congregation.

For over three years now, Holy Cross Lutheran Church has osed Holy Cross Blind Outreach, an outreach center affiliated with Lutheran Blind Mission. People all over the Kansas City, MO area have come for free meals of the month on the last Saturday of the month. They get to hear the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are often entertained or engaged by a speaker or musical performance. Some meals include a topic-driven discussion. For two hours on the final Saturday of the month, blind people get to see the Church extending very real human care in action.

Another group just across the boarder in Kansas City, KS longs to have an outreach center. After all, some of them came to our first few meals of the month until transportation got too difficult and inaccessible fto provide them. They, too, need the saving assurance of God's Word taught them in Bible studies and shown them in helping hands caring for their needs. There are vibrant folks who long to lead and direct such a group. What they need now is an host congregation. whose members can provide the nurture and Christian care they need.

Blind people make up 12-15 million people in the United State )d States. Only 5% of them are actively attending church on any given Sunday. Many of them do not know how to find access to reading materials, much less reading materials that convey the free message that Christ Jesus, God the Son, died to pay for their salvation.

The blindness community is a highly spiritual and yet isolated culture. While some who no longer attend church (since losing their sight) have clung to some form of historic Christianity, most have lapsed into an ecclectic and patchwork religion that one finds best described on "Oprah" or in "Embraced By The Light". Most blind people are angry and feel alienated by the Church.

We want to bring the unmitigated love of Jesus to them. We want to put Holy Scripture into their hands, too, that they may no longer fear the angry "God" of their conception and receive the free grace of the God revealed in Christ who says, "Come to me, all who are weary and are heavy-laden."

In this broken world torn apart by sin and its effects, the strong Word that cleaves our darkness remains the answer to our aimless wandering. May it be so for our blind and visually impaired friends in Kansas City, Kansas, too. May they have an outreach center and, God willing, be brought to the services of God's house to receive God's gifs of Word and Sacrament with us who worship together.

Prayer. Heavenly Father, you call us to fear, love, and trust in You alone. Yet, we turn in broken angst to fearing and cowering before so many things that would impede our hearing Your Word. Send pastors, lay leaders, and whole congregations to the blind and visually impaired to show them Your loving salvation free for trusting in You. Thwart Satan's attempts to further disband and isolate the blind and visually impaired. Give Your Church open hands and open doors to draw those lacking sight to behold You as Lord and Savior. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

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